How can we build a Barrie for Everyone?

Ward 9 has a Unique Opportunity this Election

No multi-term councillor is seeking re-election, aside from Sergio. This summer and fall, he will be working hard with his team to earn your trust and support once again.

By re-electing Sergio, you will ensure Ward 9 has City Hall’s most tenured councillor, allowing us to provide experience, guidance, and context of past decisions for the rest of the city in a crucial post-COVID leadership era.

Stronger Results.

8 years ago, you sent Sergio to City Hall with the mandate to restore a Vision for Ward 9. 

As your first ever re-elected city councillor, Sergio has:

Secured over $144.47 million for Ward 9 road repairs, construction, and congestion relief, the most funding of ANY ward in Barrie, & the most ever secured by a Ward 9 Councillor

  • Got South Barrie’s first accessible park built, Lennox Park
  • Secured $1 million investment to build pickle ball courts in Ward 9’s Painswick Park to keep people active at all stages of life

Earned the reputation as City Hall’s most independent-voting councillor

  • Only councillor to vote against the infamous $30,000 “milk crates” soapbox art installation
  • Successfully convinced Council to remove the “Well Played. Well Connected.” slogan from the highway signs & as our official slogan
  • Introduced motion to crack down on concentration & creation of new payday loan shops that target vulnerable residents

By embracing innovative ideas, focusing on core city services, and calling out distractions, waste, and out-of-touch projects. Sergio isn’t shy to speak his mind and vote for what’s right, even if it isn’t popular.

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Strong Vision

A Vision for Barrie, from Ward 9.

Barrie has grown. Property standards enforcement should be proactive. It should not take weeks to respond to your call.

With 90% covered by cost of growth development charges and 10% from city-wide property taxes (not just Ward 9 property taxes).
Hold the line on property tax increases and keep them low. You already paid provincial and federal taxes, it’s up to City Hall to bring that money back to Barrie for valuable services.

Support existing seniors’ property tax deferral program and work with my councillor colleagues to enhance or expand the program.

On land that is otherwise zoned for construction of industrial buildings. South-East Barrie is overdue for competition with the addition of a non-premium brand grocery store.
Support a permanent Farmers’ Market at the bus terminal, creating a year-round, pedestrian-friendly, clean and safe Downtown Barrie experience.
Resolve outstanding paperwork, legal, and site work so that the Allandale Train station can finally be opened for the public to enjoy after 12 years in limbo.

Meet Sergio

Sergio was born in Bogotá, Colombia, moving to Scarborough in 2000 when his parents decided to immigrate to Canada in search of a better life for Sergio, settling down in Barrie in 2002.

Sergio was elected Ward 9’s councillor in 2014 and acclaimed in 2018, becoming the only candidate to defeat an incumbent in 2014 and the youngest acclaimed councillor in Ontario history at 25 years of age.

In the past 8 years, Sergio has established himself as a pragmatic, centrist, straight-talker who is clear about his political stances and brings a refreshing sense of genuineness back to politics. In 2019, Sergio was nominated as a finalist for the Barrie Advance’s Readers’ Choice Awards for Best Local Politician.

 As a 2016 graduate of their Bachelor of Commerce program, majoring in Real Estate & Housing with a concentration in economics, Sergio was also the recipient of the University of Guelph’s 2019 Lang School of Business & Economics Top 10 Under 10 Alumni with Impact Award, in recognition of his political & community impact advocating for Ward 9 & Barrie.

Sergio on the Campaign Trail

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